What if you could learn how to unwind yourself? Or pick the foods best for you?

A Different Approach to Healing

Gentle Bodywork

& Personalized Nutrition

What if feeling better didn’t take so much work?

Awareness. Intuition. Play.

Partnering with You

Everything that you need to heal is already in you! Whether it’s calming your shoulder pain or improving your digestion, it’s just expressed in a language you don’t know yet. Dr. Julie Potter uses her highly tuned sensory skills to increase your body awareness, unearth your innate intuition, and help you play in your body when you encounter stress.

Using Breath, Movement, & Gentle Adjusting

Bodywork, in open-room or private sessions, is about guiding you to open space in your system. Dr. Julie starts by helping you increase awareness of tension patterns held in your body. Once you become aware, Dr. Julie can help you play with your breath and movement to clear the tension and begin to cultivate your own intuitive movement. When adjusting joints is needed, it’s through gentle adjusting with chiropractic tools, drop-pieces, or toggle-release. Dr. Julie uses the Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) framework to guide her work. To learn more, click below.

Nourishing Your Body

Nutrition, in-office private session or tele-visit, is about finding the energy of foods, spices, and supplements to nourish your cells and your microbiome. Did you know that your microbiome, or gut bacteria, can outnumber your cells 10-to-1? Dr. Julie plays with awareness, intuition, and the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) to created personalized healing guides based on your food preferences, what you have on hand (oils, supplements, tinctures, etc.), and your resources. To learn more about MFT, click below.

"I had a lot of chronic pain and odd reactions to medications, so many standard medical solutions just didn't feel safe to me. Now, I'm stronger and more at ease with my body. I've discovered ways to help my body be its own chiropractor. I'm no longer scared to go up against things that previously would have been a limit for my body."


There Are Many Ways to Work with Dr. Julie.

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