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Awareness of the Body

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Potter, and I know that you can heal yourself if you have the right insight. Most of my patients know a lot about nutrition and exercise. They’ve been helping themselves for years, but now SOMETHING HAS CHANGED and the old solutions aren’t working. Many ask, “Why isn’t my body responding how it used it?” I help you figure out that missing piece and get you back on track.

Guided By Experience

I didn’t always have this focus. Like many of you, I became frustrated with health issues that would never completely go away. I looked for that ONE diet, supplement, or guru that would fix everything. Spoilers - There isn’t one.

Instead of temporary solutions or stressful diets, I paid attention to:

  • how my body changed with each new experience

  • how my tastes changed depending on my body

  • how my feelings shifted with my body and diet

I began to use my heighten awareness to play with food, movement, and breath. With that came an intuitive sense of what would or would not work in my body.

As I applied my experience to my patients, I found two factors  began to define my work:

  • Your soft tissues (connective tissue, muscles, and organs) are even more important to alignment than the bones and joints. The fascia which runs throughout the body can shift joints, squeeze organs, and twist the body into stressful postures. Focused breath and stretching inside the body can improve a lot of body concerns.

  • Your gut bacteria that can influence or activate everything from your hormones to your neurotransmitters. Feeding the microbiome right can solve digestion problems and so do much more.

What You Need to Know

I’m a teacher, business owner, wife, boy-mom, baker, and gardener. All of these make me who I am. But these three are what I bring to your healing:

  • Skilled adjustor, using gentle adjusting, guided breath, and stretch to create the physical space that your body needs to heal.

  • Empath with an intuitive connection to bodies and foods that I use to guide adjustments and nutrition.

  • Lifelong educator who loves to help people become stronger, healthier versions of themselves.

Degrees & Certifications

  • 2017 Certified in Morphogenic Field Technique.

  • 2008 Doctorate of Chiropractic, NWHSU.

  • 2001 PhD in Psychology, University of Notre Dame.

  • 1997 MA in Psychology, University of Notre Dame.

  • 1995 BA in Psychology/Philosophy, Luther College.

Want to Become A New Patient?

Whether You Live in the Iowa Corridor or Another State, There Are Many Ways to Work with Dr. Julie.

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