Vibrations: Goldilocks & the 3 Offices

When it looks like a fairy tale, there’s far more growth and learning involved.

I’m moving, again. One might argue that I’m doing a bit of a Goldilocks. My first spaces were too small, last year’s was too big, and now I’m in a space that is just right. But that would be too simplistic, and like most fairy tales does not provide the full story with its beauty and learning that happened along the way. Today, I’d to introduce you to my new space while we look back at all the beautiful things that have happened as I’ve tried each on for size.

Six years ago, I moved out of Dr. Craig Carr’s office and started Endeavor Health & Chiropractic, LLC. I moved into my own space - well, not really my own space, but a couple of rooms in a basement coworking space. I had a private waiting room, and my office with one table. In that space, I learned about managing my own energy. I learned that there were certain stressors that made it harder to work, and I made choices to delete, automate, or delegate as much as I could. With that idea in mind, I moved down the hall from my two rooms to a single.

With less stress and more energy, I was able to better do what I enjoy doing; finding patterns in my practice that helped my patients. I created my first YouTube video, 5-4-3-2 Gut Healing, where I shared the out-of-the-box healing ideas for jumpstarting digestive healing. I created The Healing Equation by connecting economic theory to health (Energy to Heal = Good Energy - Stressors). And I started to explore how good energy from adjustments of soft tissues could do just as much as the right nutrition.

Waiting room at Endeavor Health & Chiropractic with light green walls, three inverted reflection pictures, and two white chairs.
The treatment room at Endeavor Health & Chiropractic with a central window, three treatment tables, and a skeleton.

As I explored soft tissue adjusting, I realized that I needed more space and time for patients to do their own work. I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to reside in a studio at Rivercity Pilates. The space was amazing; there was so much freedom. I started open-room alignment work which was a shift for everyone. I created Intuitive Eating, a course that helps people use their senses to find the right foods at the right time. And I said something to the owner of RCP that kept haunting me throughout the year, I never wanted to have my own space.

Have you ever said that you were never going to do something only to have those words cast a spotlight on the very idea in your mind? If you’d talk with my husband, he would roll his eyes over and over again because of the multitude of times I’ve done this. In developing my practice, I know that it’s happened at least half a dozen times.

That brings me to the new space that I never wanted. I really enjoyed my space in RCP, but it’s time for me to do my own thing. I have a waiting room, an treatment room, a bathroom, and a storage room. It’s all I need in terms of space. AND I get windows - I haven’t had those for over six years.

I may have found my just right, but just like Goldilocks that is only part of the story. I’m looking forward to how this new space can help me and my patients grow. I look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Julie

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