Sól Dag

Scandinavian for Sun Day, Sól Dag is a day of hour long open-room classes to set your nervous system for the season.

Aligned with the Sun to Celebrate You.

Sometimes it takes longer for the sun to get across the sky. Sometimes it takes more work to release a pattern at the heart of your being. Taken at 8pm on the summer solstice, the sleepy Swedish island of Adelsö captures the slow healing approach to alignment that is Sól Dag. Whether it’s a solstice or equinox, give yourself the gift of slow deep healing once every three months.

Want to Experience a Brighter You?


  • What happens at Sól Dag? During the 50-minute class, Dr. Julie will work one-on-one with you to help you visualize and clear tension spots in your body. She’ll guide you with light touch, analogies, and gentle stretches designed up open up and release sticky spots in your body.

  • How is Sól Dag different from regular open-room adjusting? With more time, Dr. Julie can help you do the work rather than needing chiropractic adjustments or tools. This empowering approach helps you learn to heal and expand yourself. Additionally, more time means we can work on deeper, recurring patterns. For existing patients, gentle adjusting can be added to expand your healing.

  • Who can participate in Sól Dag? Existing patients 16 years or older, or perspective patients who want to experience a new awareness and power in their own bodies. Participants must be comfortable lying on their backs and stomaches for 15 minutes or more.

  • If this is my first time at Endeavor Health & Chiropractic, what do I need to do? Once you sign up for a time, you’ll receive an email link to a health questionnaire that must be completed before you can participate. When you come, please wear comfortable clothing like you would for Pilates or other exercise activities.

  • How much does Sól Dag cost? The class is $95. In addition to the longer processing time, dedicated atmosphere, and teaching, there is time after each session to drink tea and ask Dr. Julie questions.

  • Why is it called Sól Dag? I’m Scandinavian by heritage, and wanted to honor my healing ancestors. Norse mythology refers to the sun god as Sól, so I thought the name fitting to a quarterly offering that’s linked to the Winter/Summer Solstice and Spring/Fall Equinox.

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