The Work.

Whether you’re new to EHC or have been coming to the office for a while, here’s a great introduction to how I work.

It’s All About Vibrations.

As a child, I loved feeling rhythm and vibrations. I’d spend hours in the lake feeling the movement of the waves. I loved dancing so much I asked my Kindergarten teacher if I could dance to the StarWars soundtrack while it played during free time! When I was four years old, nothing that my parents said could keep me from sticking a knife in an electrical outlet. Talk about feeling a vibration!

It’s not surprising that I now use two approaches that are related to music and vibration. Everything has a tone or vibration: from your joints and muscles, to experiences and foods. BGI and MFT are two different ways I connect into vibrations improve energy and function.

Bio-Geometric Integration

BGI is a framework for analyzing the body that’s guided by the principle that pain and dis-ease (subluxations) happen when we don’t have the space to process new experiences. It changes how we function, move in the world, and ultimately our posture. Using BGI, I help you identify and clear those disordered patterns. Check out founder Sue Brown talking about BGI in this video.

Morphogenic Field Technique

In MFT, frequency (vibration) matching guides what nutrition is best for you. I use MFT to find the foods, essential oils, spices, or supplements to help the body relieve disruptors that are decreasing your energy or causing pain. Check out this introductory video with the founder, Dr. Frank Springob.

Breathe   Adjust   Nourish

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